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Corporate Relocation is a major endeavor that can consume a considerable amount of people’s capacity. There are many details that can be easily overlooked due to lack of experience and / or dedicated attention. 4sight has experienced project management professionals with a background in IT and Operations as well as experience in Corporate Relocation. We are uniquely qualified to be an extension of your team for the duration of the relocation initiative to spearhead and manage the effort.

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The breadth of our relocation services may include:

  • Overseeing the renovation effort of the new space; coordinating resources to prepare the new space.
  • Developing and managing to a project plan (task list) and milestone schedule
  • Management and Coordination of IT initiatives and resources (i.e. fiber, VoIP, network setup, wiring, disconnects/reconnects of all IT systems, build out data center / IT closet)
  • Sourcing jobs (i.e. find sub-contractors for wiring, furniture, phones, etc. )
  • Coordinating resources (including subcontractors) to deliver on their part of the plan
  • Weekly meetings with stakeholders to provide updates
  • Setting up a budget and managing to the budget
  • Organizing and managing all the ‘paperwork’ associated with the move
  • Facilitate the permitting process
  • Work the corporate team to identify impacts of the move and associated action items (i.e. office services, marketing materials, website updates, vendor and client communications, etc.)
  • Move management – logistics of the physical move, lining up the schedule and movers
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