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“As a business owner, you often feel alone with the pressure and mountains of work, and Jodie brings a reassuring, executive-level resolve that says, “We are in this together. I have been here before. Here’s the path forward.” Adopting 4sight’s COO-on-demand model has had an overwhelmingly positive impact on our business and bottom line. I would highly recommend Jodie to any business owner looking for a voice to help lead them out of the weeds.”

Gere Jordan – President of Holony Media.

“Jodie is incredible!!” This is just one of the responses we typically get from our clients about Jodie!! She is extremely detail oriented and brings an insight to situations that create both confidence and exemplary service!! The depth of her experience has proven to be a wonderful asset to both Franklin Computer Services and all of our clients she comes in contact. We are very glad to have her working with us now and in the future!!”

Mike Castrodale – President of Franklin Computer Services Group.

“Jodie is one of a kind leaders who proved invaluable in a short period of time. Her organizational skills are remarkable. Attention to details is her strength.
I closely worked with her to get achievable targets and helped to deliver them. Very analytical and focused. Jodie inspired her teammates and received 110% of the expected results. Many offered to work more than 40 hours to reach the company goals. I worked closely with Jodie when the company’s two locations were merged into one location. Her planning and coordination resulted in the smooth transition. Not a single hour of productivity was lost through this experience. She was also involved in the upgrade of our servers and all IT systems. Her experience came thru. I can strongly recommend her at any level of management including Chief Operating Officer of a large organization.”

Ranjan Manoranjan – Principal at PRIME AE Group, Inc..


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