Our Process at 4sight Management Solutions.


At 4sight Management Solutions we know that your company has its own unique challenges. Our process is adaptive – capable of addressing the challenges and strategies that are necessary to help your business achieve its goals.

Although our process is customizable, we also use a specific approach to examine what your organization needs, and how we can be the ones to offer the most efficient and effective solution.

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We begin with the discovery process, which helps us determine the challenges that are to be addressed. This process includes:

Talking with Executive Sponsors & Stakeholders

Understanding the Current Situation & Needs

Identifying Expected Results – What Does Success Look Like?

Output of the Discovery Process: The result is a Scope of Work that details the next steps and level of engagement.



Once we have determined what is needed for your SMB, the next step is turning those ideas into actionable solutions. During our execution phase, we perform several common actions including:

Meeting Frequently with Stakeholders

Analyzing and Addressing Gaps and Challenges

Defining and Implementing Processes & Structure

Gaining a Deeper Understanding of Your Organization

Provide Team Guidance and Direction

Output of Execution Process: Although every business will have its own unique challenges, the result will be improved processes and structure, realized results and a team that it prepared to be accountable.

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Finally the last step is setting in motion sustainability, because we know how important it is that the success continues after the project is over. That is why we will work with leaders and staff to:

Implement New Processes and Structure

Measure Results and Create a System to Maintain Measurements

Adjust Processes as Needed

Formal Hand Off to Trained and Prepared Team

Output of Sustainability Process: an Accountable team that is positioned to manage the company and its organization on its own. We’ve developed this process so that your company can function properly, and we will make sure that by the time the project is over, your business has everything it needs to maintain and sustain itself in the long-term. If you are ready to learn more about our process or our solutions, please click here or call us at (614) 638-7508 today. 


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