4sight Management Solutions – A Broad History of SMB Success

4sight Management Solutions was founded to address the leadership and organization challenges of small to medium sized businesses. These challenges are frequently unique, just like your business, and require a team that understands how to analyze current processes, determine ideal solutions and much more.

Our experience has allowed us to work successfully on projects from a vast array of industries, including event coordinators, software developers, mortgage companies, marketing organizations, technology companies and more. Below, you’ll find several examples of our successful work experience, including examples of the problems addressed and what 4sight Management Solutions provided to address them.

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Mortgage Company (growing rapidly, Infrastructure cannot support growth)

  • IT Systems and Processes can’t support growth
  •  Cyber Security & Audit compliance concerns
  •  IT without strong leadership
  •  Major change in application strategy requiring overhaul of systems


Custom App Dev Company (lacking leadership)

  •  Project Scoping problems and disconnect with clients
  •  Business Development efforts stagnant
  •  Many irons in the fire and not aware of what is in focus and who owns it


Large Event Center (investing in technology, no management)

  •  Major GIS App & Infrastructure investment.
  •  No high-level technical manager to represent needs, gather requirements and manage overall effort to budget.


Digital Marketing Agency (need resource planning and lacking accountability)

  •  Project Resources not aware of the budget to achieve target margins.
  •  CEO not aware of capacity/utilization/work on deck.
  •  Client deadlines are missed and not as profitable as expected.


Migration of Bus. Ops. From Sri Lanka to India

  •  50 person operation. Service Bureau and IT. 40% of company revenue.
  •  Setup people, process and technology in India.
  •  Migrate customers (seamlessly) from Sri Lanka process to India.
  •  Shutdown Sri Lanka ops.


Consolidation of Global IT Help Desks

  •  5,000 systems. 3 countries. 5 Help Desks.
  •  Migrate to 1 Help Desk / Dublin Ohio.
  •  Manage overall project.
  •  Establish IT Team. Build Processes. Implement. Maintain.


Scaled Up Environmental Nano Tech Ops

  •  Manual manufacturing processes.300 parts per day capacity.
  •  Needed to be ready to produce 7,000 parts per day in 3 months time.
  •  Established HR and Financial Processes.
  •  Defined Go-To-Market Strategy.


Corporate Relocations

  •  Ground up renovations (wiring, office build outs, data center, furniture).
  •  VoIP implementation.
  •  Server and major systems move.
  •  Move In Logistics.
  •  3 months planning.

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