A COO is a person in an organization that carries out the vision and strategies of the CEO. It’s their job to ensure that various people execute tasks and projects to help grow the business. They have an important role within any company, regardless of its size.

The trouble is, many firms don’t feel they need a COO. As a result, a CEO’s visions and expectations can differ from what happens in reality. A CEO will have less time devising new pathways for their companies to follow. As you can imagine, that can lead to stagnant growth. And, in severe cases, a loss of the market share due to a lack of innovation.

Companies grow faster and bigger when they have a COO in the management team. One reason why some firms don’t have a COO is down to cost. They feel that they can’t justify the expense of hiring a COO on a permanent basis. They also believe the money is better spent elsewhere in the business.

So, how can such companies get around that problem? One option and an innovative one at that is to use a COO on demand. And that’s the service 4sight Management Solutions offers!

Who is 4sight Management Solutions?

The company is the brainchild of Jodie Bare. She has spent much of her working life in various roles within small and mid-size firms. As a result, she has a thorough understanding of a company’s operational needs.

She founded 4sight to bring a new service to the market. One that she feels many companies without a COO can benefit from using. The basic premise behind 4sight’s COO On Demand service is simple. And that is to help a business grow through structure and vision.

Business Operations Management in Columbus, Ohio

It’s no secret that managing a company’s day-to-day operations is a skilled art. Some of the ingredients needed for a successful outcome include customer savvy, numbers-centric thinking, people management skills, and capacity & utilization planning. What’s more – significant project management experience is also necessary. That might sound like a simple recipe to some people. But, the real challenge is having the right understanding of those components and more.

4sight’s innovative COO On Demand service is ideal for SMBs. A just-in-time, as needed, Operations focused leader that can be a nice compliment to the current leadership team.  

With COO On Demand, you’ve got an operations expert that acts as an interim executive in your company. Their role is to deal with and work through organizational challenges. The result is you end up with solutions that help your business operate more efficiently.

Leadership When You Need It

Behind every successful company is a great leader. At 4Sight, we can offer your business a variety of ways to help support your leadership team to become great leaders.  Our approach is hands-on, working side-by-side with the team.  Taking them through the journey of being a change agent in the company, implementing process improvements or policies, overseeing complex projects and leading the team through a major organizational change. We come in to understand the team in play, establish baseline KPI”s, develop goals and milestones to achieve the overarching strategy, and measure results along the way holding the team accountable for reaching the plan.

Project & Process Management Services

It’s no secret that people work better where there is a structure in place. To remain successful, it’s vital to have the right project and process management in place. 4Sight can come into an organization, realize the gaps that are missing in the current process, work with the team to optimize the process (or even define a new process), and implement the changes with the team and watch the new methodology to ensure it is working – gaining feedback along the way to tweak as needed to fit the situation, the client and the corporate culture.

 IT Management Solutions

All modern firms use Information Technology to some degree. If IT becomes an afterthought, it can affect the way that you do business. 4sight has extensive experience in the space of Software Development, Infrastructure Management, IT Help Desk Services, and Desktop Support.  Leveraging this experience, 4sight is uniquely positioned to come into SMB’s to serve as an On-Demand  IT Leader to help implement necessary IT changes, build IT Strategy, establish IT teams, and provide general IT management to help keep the overall infrastructure in line with your growing organization.